Beauty You Can Afford

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand. But just like I strive to achieve affordable by trendy style, I do the same when it comes to my beauty routine. I like to think I was just blessed with good genes, but after years of watching the women in my family care for their skin, body, […]

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Something Blue Many ladies have opted for Winter weddings.  And though the weather is a bit cooler, keeping traditions are just as important. Wedding tradition dictates that the bride is adorn I something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  When I was bride, I struggled to find elegant items for my special day. But I […]

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Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is here! It seems like I was just wiping sweat off my brow from the relentless summer sun. But the stores quickly reminded me that Halloween, Thanksgiving have passed, and Christmas are here. This is my last year to enjoy my son’s childhood as we celebrate the holidays. So, I want to […]

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