Trendy Thrift Summer Shopping List

 Image  The weather is heating up and I’ve been thinking about what items I need as summer fashion staples.  So here are the 10 items I’ll be looking for to add/replace in my summer wardrobe on my next thrift store outing.

1)    Black sandal wedges– Completely compatible with shorts or a sundress.

2)    Tank tops-A variety of bright colors add cool flavor to any skirt, shorts, or jeans

3)    Linen pants–  A loose fit pair of linen pants is perfect for a picnic, work, or even a day at the beach

4)    Sarong– This item can be twisted, tied, and tucked into a variety of styles.  Wear it as a skirt, dress, or even a halter.

5)    Jumper-Dress it up with jewelry and heels or wear it casually with flip flops and a sunhat. This is a comfortable outfit option

6)    Pouch Purse– Perfect for vacation. Keep your cash, lip gloss, and sunglasses in one compact space

7)    White Pencil skirt-Complimentary on a variety of figures in a color that goes with almost everything

8)    Bright sundress– Bright bold colors are in right now. So find your favorite florescent to flaunt this summer

9)    Bangles– Choose from a variety of metals or even colors perfect accessory for any summer outfit.

10)  Super-Sized Sun Hat– Bring your own shade to for my park and beach days.


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