Let’s Go Deeper

Thrift stores are a great way to find quality clothing and trendy fashion styles for an incredible price.  But there’s a few ways to get deeper discounts even when shopping thrift.

1)      Go on early on a storewide sale day-Sale days are a great way to get a discount on most items in the store.  But go early to find the best items before the rush of anticipating customers. Remember the early bird catches the great deal.

2)      Shop color tag discount items.-Most shops have daily deals on color tag items. Though the color changes daily, selected color items usually receive extreme price cuts. (30%-75% off)

3)      Visit the sale racks-this is usually full of items that are extremely low in price.  Sometimes it’s hit or miss. But when you hit this is an extraordinary find.

4)      Sign up for the mailing list- this is great way to receive coupons and discounts on a regular basis.

5)      Become a frequent shopper-Make sure to get the punch card and shop away until all the spaces are filled.  Major discounts can be earned on your final punch.


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