“A girl should …

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
– CoCo Chanel

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Class of Elite

I am slowly adjusting as my only child moves into the teen years. I’ve seen so many subtle changes in his size, personality, behavior and sense of style.  At times I sit and reminisce on the elementary school days when he used to rip holes across the knees of his khaki uniform slacks. I get […]

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Work it Out

I’ve been blessed with a full time gig in an office setting.  Being relatively new to this environment, I’ve seen and experienced many things that have been enlightening, appalling and amusing.  I’ve been exposed to a great number of fashion inspirations as well as many tragedies.  The culture priding itself on being a “laid back” […]

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Close your legs and uncross your eyes

Fashion has grown and expanded to assure that the entire family has trendy options for contemporary style.  I love the evolution of colorful neck ties, bright sport socks, patterned tights, and flowing dresses.  But with this evolution has come some changes that have left young girls dressed scantily clad. Young girls are wearing miniature versions […]

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The Empire Strikes Back

 It’s a well know fact that the empire waist is the go to style that is supposed to complement and flatter most, if not all figures.  It’s a popular bridesmaid style and deemed a great idea for those bloated belly days.  And though I have several of these styled tops in my closet, I challenge […]

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NO! Not again

No, no, no, no! Some trends should have never happened. When they appeared on scene we couldn’t  prayed for them to fade out and hoped to never see them again.  But now with the return of Mohawk and flat top, I’ve become weary of trends such as the mullet and jheri curl creeping back into […]

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