No Time for Fine

Many women with hectic schedules complain that they just don’t have the time or energy to be stylish or trendy on a daily basis.  But here are a few tips for easy dressing that will get you fashionably ready for your day.

1)     Develop a routineIntegrate a few beauty habits into you hygiene routine. Wash your face, put on foundation. Brush your teeth, put on lipstick. Make a daily habit of adding beauty essentials to your routine. Little additions such as these can upgrade your overall style.

2)     Keep the tools ready and on hand- Organize you beauty products, accessories, and clothing so that they stay in clear view and are accessible for use.  It’s easier to see what options you have available to create your style and saves you time on searching. 

3)     Make decisions early-Prepare yourself in advance.  Taking ten minutes at night to select an outfit or accessories can save you time when you are rushing to get out the door in the morning.

4)     Buy the basics- Keep essential clothing items available in your wardrobe. Items such as black slacks, white dress shirts, dark jeans or a blazer are simple to mix match and accessorize.

 5)    Get and stay organized- Keeping a clutter free closet, dresser, or counter space allows you to see, select and access fashion items without much hassle. 




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