Living in layers

Even though we’re in the summer months the weather has been really unpredictable here in sunny California.  One day its 104 degrees and the next, is barely over 70.  Such conditions have completely confused my wardrobe decisions.  But I noticed that I’m not the only one.  I’ve seen women with short sleeve dressed and knee high boots, sweaters and shorts and many other confusing combinations of attire.

Most people would probably associate “layers” with the fall and winter months but with the way the weather has been lately I’d recommend them during this transition into summer.  Here are a few ideas I plan to try:

Under shirts- Layer a tank top under another top.  This could be a button up or even a t-shirt.  Depending on the occasion, the top shirt can always be removed it the weather heats up.  Don’t slack on the style with this combination just opting for a plan white tank.  Mix it up with bright colors, patterns and a variety of straps styles.

Tanks and Scarves- This is a great layer idea for a hot day moving into a cooler night.  Find a scarf and tank top that compliments each other in color, pattern, and texture.  Use it to wrap around you waist, neck or head during the day. But as the day cools off use it to wrap around your shoulders.   Of course the scarf must be long, wide, and thick enough to do you any good.

Wind breakers – I love wind breakers.  Unlike the generic one style fits all of the 80’s, windbreakers come in a variety of colors and styles. Some even have embellishments that are unique and trendy.  They are also great for the hot but slick days.  When those odd hot and rainy days hit the skies, a quality windbreaker will keep you dry and cute.  Throw on over you outfit and be prepared for the anything.

Scarf & Hat– This works in both the summer and winter months, especially on a bad hair day.  Wrapping either a plan or patterned scarf over your hair and tying it to either the back of lower side of you head can create a colorful faux bun.  Place a sun hat over it when lying out on the beach or next to the pool to keep the sun out of the eyes.  With the scarf already in place no need to worry about hat hair.

Knitted top and Sundress– a great way to wear a sundress that may be a little revealing on the top is to layer a crochet or knitted top over it.  This works really with knit Maxie dresses. A knit top not only serves as a warm layer but adds texture and possibly another element of color to an otherwise plain ensemble. 



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