Eco Thrift Trip

A couple of months ago a new Eco Thrift has opened. Eco Thrift has not been ranked as one of my favorite thrifts stores to patronize.  The times that I’ve visited I felt that their merchandise was over-priced and that the store was truly overrated.  But the new location isn’t far from home so I decided I’d see what they had to offer.

The parking lot was pretty empty and the store was huge. Being that the location was formally a Toy R Us the shelves and racks of toys had been replaced with clothes, shoes, appliances and other recyclable items. The aisles were clean and the racks were organized which was pleasant but not a surprise. I already prejudged that Eco Thrift was an upscale thrift store that was far beyond my pocket book’s abilities.  From the celling hung huge signs displaying sale signs and daily discount percentages. So I strolled the aisles pulling at various clothing items.  The prices weren’t as bad as I expected.  And I have to admit that with the color daily discounted percentages the prices were competitive with some of my other favorite thrift stores.  But stubborn as I sometimes am, I wasn’t convinced that this was a place that I wanted to add to my thrift store shopping circuit. 

Then it happened.  I finally reached a rack full of items with tags with red slashes.  The rack was full nice clothing items some with brand new tags.  I folded a pile of these items over my arm and set off to the dressing rooms.  Since the red slashed tags weren’t associated with any of daily discounts displayed on the ceiling signs I asked the attendant if there were any specification on the orange tags with the red slash.  She said, “Oh, those items are only a dollar.”  The heavens parted and shined a solar spotlight though the building while angelic voices sang glorious praises.  Amen. I grabbed my items and scurried into to the dressing room.

At the check-out I piled my stack of dollar items onto the counter top next to the cash register.  Mood visibly transformed I joked and bantered with the cashier.  She pulled from the pile, punched in the prices, and folded each item into a large plastic bag.  After she finished my total came to $6.49!  Looking back over my receipt I received an additional discount on many of my dollar items for which I only paid twenty –five cents!   

In the manner of Jolly Ole St Nick I swung my bag over my shoulder and lugged it out to the trunk of my car.  With a new perspective and a smile on my face, I drove out of the sparse parking lot mentally adding Eco Thrift to my thrift store shopping list.  I give the new Eco Thrift the “Go do that!” rating


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