Weekly Whine-Model Behavior

clothingAs a fashion show producer I am always looking for quality models to display clothing in print and on the runway.  As simple as this goal may sound, it is a difficulty journey and sometimes a trying challenge to find a quality models.  And once selected, it can be even more stressful to maintain a roster of models with professionalism and a true desire to deliver a job well done.   There are many “issues” that can occur with working with any employee. But there are a few fatal behaviors that truly can kill a model’s career even before it begins. Aspiring models please take note and be sure to always have “model behavior.”

1)      Tardy, Late and Full of Excuses– Life happens to all of us but fashion shows are a business. It is imperative to be timely and ready to work.

2)      Listening Deficiencies– fashion events are carefully planned.  Everyone has a role and responsibilities.  Each person should be able to take and follow directives.  Forgetfulness and lack of understanding is not an excuse for not executing your intended role.

3)      Lack of professionalism-Study your craft and know how to conduct yourself in a professional/business setting.  This skill transfers to email correspondence, phone conversation, and in person interactions. Be aware of your conduct and take note of how to interact with the individuals you are working with.

4)      Irresponsibility-A model should ALWAYS be prepared. Don’t come to fashion events and/or activities without the tools of the trade. Bring your heels, wear the nude seamless under garments and make sure that your body, face and hair are slate that features your true beauty.  Models shouldn’t come to work with nothing but hunched shoulders and confused expression. 

5)      Failing to sell merchandise-Designers need models and models need designers. But let’s be real, a designer’s objective is to sell clothes and make money.  A model’s personality and presentation should draw attention to the clothing not distract from the product that is being displayed. I need that model to make me some money $$$


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