NO! Not again

No, no, no, no! Some trends should have never happened. When they appeared on scene we couldn’t  prayed for them to fade out and hoped to never see them again.  But now with the return of Mohawk and flat top, I’ve become weary of trends such as the mullet and jheri curl creeping back into existence.

I don’t know how these things happen.  Do professionals let their creative juices get out of hand and the public becomes victims to such creations?  Or perhaps the everyday person has executed the intended trend incorrectly.  Either way, I understand that stuff happens.  It’s a part of life. But what upsets me is the professional that won’t let terrible trends die, the professional that gets the bright idea to resurrect bad ideas, and the overzealous new comer that starts trends all willy nilly.   I’m taking a stand and saying NO! No don’t bring it back. No don’t put a new spin on it. No don’t prolong the trend past the expiration date no matter how much the client may ask.

I’ve decided to gather friends, family, coworkers and whoever else agrees to Join me and say NO!  Say no to Jheri curls (including Wave Neveau). Say no to black stockings paired with white shoes. Say no to mullets and all variations thereof. Say no to the shag and tail.  Say no to the gold nugget pinky ring. Say no to polyester suits.  As the 80’s saying goes, ” JUST SAY NO!


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