Close your legs and uncross your eyes

Fashion has grown and expanded to assure that the entire family has trendy options for contemporary style.  I love the evolution of colorful neck ties, bright sport socks, patterned tights, and flowing dresses.  But with this evolution has come some changes that have left young girls dressed scantily clad.

Young girls are wearing miniature versions of women’s apparel.  No longer are there restrictions or rules for what is appropriate.  This less than modest attitude has thoroughly seeped into the culture and encourages young girls to not only dress the part but act it out as well. 

As a young girl I was raised in a home that allowed for full slips, white tights, stud earrings and clear nail polish. And those expectations and rules moved into other areas of my life where my elders enforced and supported the same.    I can remember older ladies at my church reminding me to keep my legs together and only cross them at the ankles.  Crossing my entire leg over the other at the knees was definitely inappropriate posture for a young girl. In recent times I’ve watched young girls with miniskirts post their hands on their nonexistent hips and roll both their eyes and neck when talking to their parents.  I’ve seen nine year olds struggle to keep balance in their 2 inch heels and smack their lips as they put on rose tinted lip gloss, all while adults laugh and giggle over how cute and funny their little girls are.

I have nothing against evolution. I understand times are changing but I struggle to accept that the scare number of girls considered to be “too fast” has now grown to be the norm.  And it makes me cringe to think that these are the options that my son will have to choose from as he approaches dating age.  Is the art of “lady like” behavior obsolete?  Is it old fashion?  Do parents teach these social behaviors to their daughters anymore?  Are there any levels to the ascension into womanhood? 

I believe girls should be allowed to be just that.  Womanhood, with all its complexities, challenges, and stages will come in its own time.  Mature attitudes and attire should be reserved for those who have the years and experience of handling themselves with grace, respect, and confidence.  Not for those who are still learning those lessons.  As fashion evolves and changes, the “fashion fast girl” trend should quickly go out of style.



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