Work it Out

I’ve been blessed with a full time gig in an office setting.  Being relatively new to this environment, I’ve seen and experienced many things that have been enlightening, appalling and amusing.  I’ve been exposed to a great number of fashion inspirations as well as many tragedies.  The culture priding itself on being a “laid back” environment without a dress code, I’ve seen everything from a variety of pajama pant patterns to button up shirts and slacks.   Footsies and house slippers, florescent pink skinny jeans, exposed ribbed undershirts and hospital scrubs apparently are mainstays in a “laid back” office environment.

All this has me thinking that some of my co-workers are in violation of some unspoken codes.  There should be some general unspoken dress codes that apply to any work environment. No matter what your occupations these rules should always apply:

1)      Pajama pants are completely inappropriate attire.  Never wear pajamas to work. In fact just don’t wear them outside your house.

2)       House shoes shouldn’t be worn outside the house.  I think the name itself is pretty self-explanatory.

 3)      Skin is not in.  Showing excessive amounts of skin, regardless of your size, shape or age is not appropriate in the office. (unless you’re a life guard or exotic dancer)  There’s no reason for it.  Even as the weather warms, it can be tricky to find styles that both fit the weather conditions as well as the work environment.  But that isn’t an excuse for wearing clothing that is revealing.

 4)      Tight is not right. In many cases there’s nothing wrong with an appropriately sized fitted top but extremely tight clothing can be exposing, distracting and inappropriate for a work environment

 5)      Leave the sparkles and shimmer on the dance floor.  The reflection of florescent light off the sequin or studded ensemble is bad work etiquette.  Unless it’s the annual office Christmas party, there’s no need to draw extra attention on a typical work day in this way.

 6)      And please, please, please be sure that whatever you decide to wear, it smells and looks clean. The enclosed workspace has enough people and scents to activate allergies and cause headaches.  Additional unpleasant odors are unwelcomed and unflattering.

 There’s no sure way to prevent workplace fashion mishaps, especially when there’s not official dress code.  But there’s a time and place for everything.  Everyone should keep in mind that the work place isn’t always the best platform to debut your new club, bed, or around the house ware. 


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