The Code

So, my faithful photographer is usually my son.  He drudgingly takes most of my outfit pictures when I need to update my profile pictures or post a new trendy thrift style from my closet.  He doesn’t usually whine about it though he tends to give me the look that reads, “Here we go again!”  But he knows the routine and readily falls into his role when the opportunity presents itself. (Or rather when I present it to him)

 I wanted to take pictures in a jumper I recently bought from Crossroads in Las Vegas.  Make up on, earrings on, smile ready, my son grabs the camera puts it close to his face and pauses.  He then puts down the camera (without snapping the shot) and comments, “Now we have to have a dress code for the house!” 

 He continues on to explain how I don’t need to wear the jumper out of the house and that it’s too short (granted I’m barely over 5 feet) This was the first of his now usual routine of  making these sort of comments whenever my clothing is short, fitted, or shows what he believes to be too much skin.  

 But in my mid thirties, I feel young and vibrant.  Sometimes I do still shop in the junior department. Sometimes I want to feel flirty, sexy, and fun.  I don’t feel that I should be restricted to slacks, button up shirts, and ankle length shorts.  Of course, there’s a time and place for everything but if it were up to my son I’d have on turtle necks & slacks all day every day.

 But his reactions made me contemplate my wardrobe decisions and the selections of my mid thirty peers.  How many times have I seen a thirty something in a short skirt, or skin tight dress?  There were times when they looked great in their youthful ensembles and other times when the person look far beyond the years of their clothing.  So, who or what defines the dress code?  Is it age or the age you appear to be? Weight?  Height? Or is it your role in life? (Mother, wife, profession, social status)  What is the code?  At what point does one draw the line and admit to violating the unspoken dress code? 

 I’m struggling with this balance.  I want to be a sexy mama but I don’t want to embarrass my child or myself with clothing that inappropriate.  I’m taking notes from those celebs the practice this art daily. Hot mom’s like Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Lopez flaunt their figures and don’t hesitate to accentuate their beauty with clothing that is both sexy and appropriate. (Granted, they do solicit stylist assistance) But if they can do it so can I.

 In the meantime, I’m going to reserve my little jumpsuit for a warm summer day. I’ve concluded that it’s not only youthful but it’s sexy and appropriate for a mom like me.  I don’t want to be thought of the woman that always wears clothes that are just too young for me. But while I’m able and my figure allows, I’m going to celebrate my beauty and figure with clothing that is fun, flattering and sexy.  My son will just have to understand.



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