Gun It!

I was raised by a wonderfully skilled and creative fashion designer.  My mother has a tremendous love and passion for textiles, patterns, and the art of creating clothing. Though I’m sure she did some store shopping, my most memorable garments are clothing that she put together for me

Now, she’s never come flat out and said it, but I know that she had aspirations of me following in her steps.  She hoped I’d develop the same skills and passion that she has for the artistry of fashion design.  But I didn’t and I still don’t.  As much as I love fashion I don’t have the patience to cut and stitch anything together.  My love lays with the convince of ready- made items in the retail stores. 

But as my passion for fashion grows, I’ve learned to appreciate the true mastery of her skill.  I love to see the new things her skillful hands will put together. And I wish that I had half her patience and ability to create quality clothing items.  However, I have discovered that I am quite skillful with the best invention ever, the glue gun!  I can’t sew but I can hot glue.  It’s a running joke among my girlfriends that I will not hesitate to hem a pair of pants or replace a button on a shirt using nothing but hot glue.  

I found that with my glue gun, a couple of glue sticks, a few crafts and old clothing items some wonderful things can be repurposed for wear.  So, I’m now on a mission to create a few fashion accessories using just that. It’s nothing compared to the garments that my mother has created over the years but I must say that I think I’ve done a pretty fine job of designing repurposed fashion accessories. Just remember the key to any sucessful craft is HOT GLUE!

Flower Hoop Earrings: Wood Hoop earrings, silk flowers and hot glue


Earring & Bracelet set: Wood hoop earrings, bracelets, fabric scraps from a dress, and hot glue


Feather Hoops: Gold Hoops, feathers, and hot glue


Black Earrings: Dollies, black paint, sequins, and hot glue




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