Weekly Whine-Major Violations

 Stop and pull over. You are in direct violation of dress code 1005.6- Wearing clothing items that are not public friendly and are highly offensive to all fashion conscience persons. 

 I was thinking about all my fashion pet peeves, all those audrocities that happen on daily bases at any given time around the world.   But as I sat trying to think, I could only come up with a few things that really bother me. My mind drew a blank. So, I thought it would be fun to ask some of my closest friends their opinion on the subject. Here is a list of some of the violations they listed:

  1. Black stockings with worn with white dress shoes/ tube socks worn with dress shoes
  2. Out of occasion Hawaiian shirts
  3. Leather in the summer time
  4. Polyester clothing with print on the outside and white on the inside
  5. Overly bedazzled graphic T-shirts
  6. Gray cornrows
  7. Waist of pants worn at the knee
  8. Collarless dress shirts (men)
  9. Gold nugget pinky rings (or for any other finger)
  10. Visors worn backward 

Please note that these violations are not listed with the intention to offend, rather to serve as a warning. Please proceed with caution.


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