Closet Phobic

 My family is current in the process of trying to find a new home to relocate to.  We have set our budget and wish list and have visited several properties that the thought could be a potential fit.  So far I haven’t been impressed. In fact, I’ve even considered just staying in our current home and give up on the hope of finding a new home. 

 One of my personal “must haves” is closet space to fit ALL my necessary fashion items.  Knowing that my current closet is nearly busting at the seams, I was looking for a house that I could comfortably walk in my closet and grab shoes, purses, belts, scarfs, jewelry and a number of clothing items with ease.  The last few home mimicked the size of a small kitchen pantry. With what appeared to be one shelf and a short bar I knew I could only fit 3-5 coats in the master bedroom and maybe another 2-3 in each of the other bedrooms. What about the rest of my clothes? What about the rest of my family? Where are they supposed to put their clothes?  Those homes would have us all living out of boxes. I was appalled, offended and frustrated.  I rushed to my car knowing none of those options will ever work. 

 Through the grace of God and my hubby’s efforts he finds a home online and makes an appointment for us to view the property. Of course I was willing but my enthusiasm had waned.  I was starting to think of a strategy for s storing and accessing my things if we had to get a house with no closet space.  We walked in the front door and the house was wonderful.  Right away I checked many of the desired attributes off my wish list. The two stories, hardwood floor, four bedrooms home seemed to be just what I prayed for.   I walked around and over the hardwood of the living room, dining room, family room and kitchen. I dared myself to move up stair and see if disappointment would be my fate.   Of course I visited all the other bedrooms before actually going into the master suite. I was scared. I didn’t want such a wonderful home to go to waste because of an architectural mistake of not making the closet big enough hold my life.

I stepped into the suite.  The wide open space held promise of greater things to come.  I turned and to my awe and amazement the closet was half the size of the bedroom. I walked in with my arms raised to the sky and my voice coming forth in an opera medley.  Hearing the off key note my husband rushed in behind me. All I could do is give him the double thumbs up.

So now we’re playing the waiting game. I’m hoping and praying the offer is accepted by the owner and that we or rather I, will be the one to win closet lottery.  If you have it in our heart, say a silent prayer that God will grant me this small blessing. 


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