The Total Packaging

When I think about my best qualities some of the first things that come to mind are my sense of humor, my determination, level of commitment and my work ethic.  But rarely do I celebrate my exterior qualities. In fact when I thought about writing this blog I couldn’t figure out what my best physical attribute could be. 

My opinion on this has changed over the years. As my body changes, stretches, shrinks, sags, etc.  I’ve had to look for different qualities to celebrate.  I find it simply humorous that the attributes  I simply couldn’t stand in my early years are things that I’ve learned to appreciate as I’ve gotten older. In my teens I loved my eyes.  In my early twenties I was pretty confident about my hair and smile. In my early thirties my hips grew in and I celebrated my curves.

 Now I look in the mirror and have come to realize that sometimes the best part of the package is what it’s wrapped in.  I simply love my skin. Somehow I was blessed to avoid the phase of teenage acne pimples.  I never need to wear face power/cover up and only recently started to apply it for skin protection and photo shoot purposes. And I suppose due to great genetics, I’ve always had pretty nice skin.

 This realization has been a true epiphany.  As a child I hated my skin.  It’s never been a popular notion to be a dark skinned woman.  There were/are very few media images that celebrate women that look like me.  It was the bunt of many cruel jokes and I was never able to find the confidence to believe that my skin was beautiful.   My tone was not accepted by my society, my peers, or myself.  I wanted to hide. But how does one tuck away something that literally embodies their entire being?  I rarely posed pictures, considered skin bleach, and avoided video cameras at all costs.  I can’t really pinpoint a pivotal moment that changed my mind about these things.  I suppose those feelings just gradually faded away. 

 My late-thirties have introduced a new perspective about the skin I’m in.  Though it’s been a long journey, today I feel it’s simply gorgeous.   With or without makeup it is radiant and beautiful.  So at this phase of life my best attribute is my dark, smooth, and nearly scar free skin. Today I celebrate the packaging and love the skin I’m in.


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