Golden Grooves

Lately I’ve noticed a new phenomenon.  Mature ladies have acquainted themselves with youthful trends and styles.  In just a week’s time I’ve have seen ladies well over 50 in leggings, sheer tops (that’s without an undershirt, cami or tank top…bra only),green leopard, lace back shirts, fitted jumpsuits, fishnets, and bedazzled t-shirts. I’ve been overwhelmed with the inundation of sexy clothing filling the streets, church, and office. 

Chanting, “Fabulous Forties, Fine Fifties, and Sexy Sixties mottos these women have found freedom and expression in the sexy clothing and flirtatious behavior.  Though I’m sure there are several people who believe that these women’s behavior and clothing decisions are completely inappropriate.  I have to say that I love it. More so than the clothing, I love that these ladies have grown to a level of confidence and self-appreciation that they’re unashamed of their bodies.  They’ve embraced who they are and are not afraid to still live out loud, despite what others may have to say.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the sexy attire hasn’t diminished their years of experience or words of wisdom.  Some of these women display behaviors and share conversation that is equivalent to their more conservative counterparts (of course there are always exceptions). These women may have varying reasons for their wardrobe selections. I wonder if the bold colors, racy textures, and sparkling additives reflect how they feel on the inside, especially since so many of us dress according to our mood and feelings.  I wonder if they feel vibrant and bold.  I wonder if their insides shimmer and shine.  I wonder if they feel transparent, silky and smooth. If by any chance they do, I support the youthful styles (within reason).  I say go get your groove back and feel alive in your golden years.


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