Letting Go

Recently I had a conversation with some of my girlfriends about women, wives in particular, letting themselves “go.” Imply that these women no longer take the time to follow the beauty and/or fashion regiments that they once practiced before their life change.  We all agreed that it’s a woman’s prerogative to let go. The rigorous lifestyle of many wives/mothers can make it difficult to keep one looking hot on a daily basis. 

Personally, I try to make sure my hair is done, I wear cosmetics and assure that my skin stays pretty clear, I try to match my clothes and every now and then I’ll put on a pair of heels.  But if I’m honest I’m not the hot lady I used to be. I truly believe that my sense of style and motivation to implement new trends has simply faded.  I have more pressing concerns.  I have less time to indulge myself in the same beauty habits that I used to keep. And last but definitely not least, my married, mommy, middle aged figure has put limitations on my clothing choices.  I’d like to believe that most people upon seeing me wouldn’t put me in the, “letting go” category but I feel that I’ve definitely been lingering around the perimeter of this box. 

I truly empathize with the women who serve the role of caretaker, taxi, maid, chef, accountant, personal shopper, cheerleader, coach, nurse, referee, and tutor.  Who has time to paint nails and apply eye shadow, especially when only going to a little league game or the grocery store?  Because of all these things I’ve had to simplify my beauty regiment but I truly want to work on my hot mama/wife status.  I often reminisce on my days of fashion creativity and adventurous style.  I truly miss that part of me.  As freeing as letting go may be, I’m debating on whether to add one more thing to my to-do list.  I wonder if getting back to my old mind set of looking my best at all times is a realistic goal for my married life.

To tell the truth is seem like a lot of unnecessary work. Especially since my husband hasn’t made mention of me starting to let go. But I think this is something I need to do for myself.  With all that goes on in my life on a daily basis I think I need a physical make over.  I want to look in the mirror and feel youthful, sexy, and attractive.  I want to be inspired and inspiring with my fashion choices. I want to be an example to other wives and mothers that have slipped into, letting go and give them motivation to find themselves again.  Now I just have to figure out how to fit that kind of time into my already hectic schedule. 


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