Kicking the Habit

I stared into the open door watching the floor.  A collage of rainbow colors stared back.  They called to me, asking for me to just take try.  They begged for me to take advantage of my open opportunity, to see if my tiny foot could fit into the elevated foot wear.  Since her back was […]

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Fall Fashion

  It’s the end of August and the weather has already taken turn. And I’m honestly looking forward to the many other cues that signal fall is on its way.  One of my favorite cues is the outbreak of summer end sales and the appearance of brown, burgundy, and orange hues in the stores.  This […]

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Dance Floor Dilemma

Lip gloss is poppin’, stilettos fastened, and freak em’ dress on.  Check the hair one more time. And I’m ready to go.  Everyone stuffing lip gloss, ID, and cash in one purse. Then we all piled into a compact gas efficient car, meant for young adults and college students. Similar to most of my fellow […]

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Caught in the Middle

It’s a well known fact that middle school is one of the most difficult and awkward transitions in life.  Hormones spiral out of control as we cope with the changes of puberty. And we’re trying to understand life and struggling to find our place in this great big world.  This is the time when we […]

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