Weekly Whine, Tropical Tragedy

Though I know the style has been around for forever, I just recently took conscience notice of the wide spread trend of Hawaiian (hibiscus) flower shirts.  They’re blooming everywhere.  It seems like all middle aged men of every race, culture, financial status, and class owns at least one.  It’s a mandatory rite of passage to have your very own Hibiscus shirt at age 35-40 or older.

Now, while I’ve become accustomed to seeing this island standard at Luau’s and on casual Friday in the work place, for some men it’s become a daily uniform.  I struggle to understand what makes these tops to attractive to the age group. Who started this trend?  Did the trend setter establish any rules of whom, when, and where this shirt should be worn?  When did it become a go to selection for all occasions?  Well, if this person isn’t going to take responsibility for the misuse of this trend, then I’m going to set a few rules:

1)      Hawaiian shirts are only allowed:

                    -In Hawaii or another tropical island setting

                     -At a Luau or topical themed festivity

                     -Pool/swim area

                     – An office established casual work day

                    – An average day at the house

 2)      Hawaiian shirts do not go with everything.

3)      There are many other options for casual clothing (i.e. polo shirts, solid colored button up tops, collarless shirts/t-shirts)

4)      There should be a maximum of three Hawaiian tops in any given wardrobe.

5)      Hawaiian shirts are not as endearing on persons between the age of 6-40 years.  ( that is out of occasion or off the Island)

 So let’s be vigilant in assisting our fathers, uncles, husbands, brothers, co-workers and friends.  Guide them to alternatives and help them reserve the tropical wear to appropriate occasions.


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