Breaking all the rulesI

I just realized that over the years I’ve collected a massive amount of rules and have begun to apply them to my life.  Now I’m not really sure where I received all these rules but I do follow them religiously.   I’m not even really sure why.  The thing is that I believe that these rules have become a hindrance to the fun and free me, keeping me confined to what “they” say I should be doing, have, or even how I dress.  So I decided to start a list of all the rules I’m going to start breaking. Here are just a few fashion rules I’m doing away with:

 -toe nail polish matching finger nail polish

-wearing semi-formal or business casual attire to church. I’m dressing in jeans next Sunday!

-being afraid to wear holiday color schemes out of season (ie red & green, orange & black, etc)

-always pairing a camisole or tank top with a sheer shirt (when appropriate)

– not wearing mini skirts

-not wearing white after Labor Day

-matching my metal accessories (ie gold earrings only with old bangles)

-not wearing pink lipstick against my dark skin

-not wearing mix matched patterns

-not wearing my bikini when I’m not in perfect form








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