Bold Black

 A few years back I wore a solid black dress to work.  But on my way I stopped at a gas station to fill up for my commute.  An older gentleman approached me and complemented me then added, “Are you going to a funeral?”

Needless to say I was a little taken by his question and I felt a little self-conscience for the rest of the day.  Every now and I get the urge to wear and all black dress, suit, top and slacks but am always reminded of that particular moment.   So I decided to come up with some tips for bringing life into my all black ensembles.

 1)      Add bright colors (shoes, belt, scarf)

2)      Add statement jewelry

3)      Combine with patterns (a zebra print blazer,  polka dot shoes)

4)      Add denim (this can create a more casual style)

5)      Do something interesting (tie a scarf into a unique head piece, put on a funky hat, try out some colorful or patterned stockings)

6)      Add a bold lip (Fire Engine Red, Pink)

7)      Add a bit of cultural flare (traditional ethnic patterns or jewelry)

8)      Add a purse with personality (a great color, pattern, texture, or shape)

9)   Mix textures (i.e. velvet with leather)

10)  Make it hot!  ( Add a little sexy to your outfit with sheer, lace, or low cuts)

11)  Mix black on black patterns (black on black stripes, polka dots, floral, etc)


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