I’m a Diva

One of my favorite ways to get free clothing is Diva Auctions.  What’s a Diva Auction?  All you need to do is gather a stack of unwanted (quality, clean items) from your closet, a group of your girlfriends, a tray of snacks, & a stack of play money.  The host distributes the money to the ladies based on the number of items they bring ($10 per item).  All items go into one pile.  Then the auction begins. The hostess will draw from the stack closet items one by one. And the guest will bid, with the item going to the highest bidder.

This is a fun way to gather with girlfriends, get new & free wardrobe items, and have an evening of healthy competition.   In a couple of weeks I’ll be attending a Diva Auction a friend of mine is hosting.  I’m excited to see what new to me items I’ll find at this event.  In the past I’ve bid on and won 3 pairs of brand new booties, sun dresses, work shirts and a few nice jackets.  I had to fight a few elderly women and cuss out a few friends to eliminate competing bidders but in the end it was worth it. (LOL)    But really for groups that may be a little more competitive you may want to set a few extra rules to keep the peace.  Though an event like this defeats the purpose of cleaning out your closet, It’s a really fun way to fill in those vacant closet spaces.


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