Super Sexy

My girlfriends and I clearly have different taste in men.  There are certain qualities that we all look for such as kindness, honesty, and respect. But when it comes to the physical there are definite differences in what we consider sexy.

 I’m not shallow but I know what I like when I see it.  Sometimes one can never really explain what physically attracts them to another person. What is that striking quality that draws you into them?  There are certain attributes that I know tend to favor. 

A Great Smile- Who can ever resist a man with a straight white smile?  And don’t let him have dimples too. I can’t help but smile in response whether the gesture was intended for me or not.

Enchanting Eyes- Eyes can say so much without a word being spoken. Eyes can tell a story and draw you in upon first sight. 

A Clean Cut Nape- I’m not exclusive on clean cut men but there’s nothing like a freshly lined nape.  That is if it’s razor bump free.  No matter what the hairstyle a clean hair line only enhances the do.

Long Legs– I’m only 5’1. So, a man with height is a must. I always feel like the dainty little lady next to a man I can look up to.

Glowing Complexion- A man with great skin is super sexy.  Rarely have I seen a man who attends to their skin care needs but when either genetics or a rigorous regiment pays off it is a sight to see.


Swagger– A since of confidence is a must.  A confident man excludes this attribute in everything he does.  There’s something to be said about a man who has just a touch of something special in the way he talks, walks, and carries himself.


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