Weekly Whine-Don’t DO that!

Black, white, baby blue, red, orange, even the Christmas combination of red, white, and green they come in just about every color.  The do-rag (aka the wave cap) seems to have made a name of itself in the fashion world.  Something that I thought was meant as an in home hair care tool has crept its way into the streets and has over stayed its welcome. 

The do-rag is actually a wonderful invention.  Originally used to help mold and maintain waves in a closely cut fade, this hair care tool proved to be staple in the drawers of many men. Then with the growing rave of cornrows the do-rag also showed itself useful for preventing frizz. From there things began to get out of control. I’m not sure if it was the constant concern for maintaining hairstyles or if the invention of varying colors and patterns motivated the public display the do-rag but things have gone much too far. 

I would like to state for the record that the do-rag should only be worn in your house and maybe in the car but should definitely be taken off before you arrive to your destination. I’ll even give a pass for wear during a game of street ball or under a football helmet. Please note the following:

The do-rag,

-should not be worn under a fedora

-should not be worn with at suit or any other dressy or professional attire

-should not be worn to work

-should not be worn in layers (Multiple ones on at the same time. Yes, I’ve seen this in public)

-should not be festive to match any holiday season, occasion, or celebration

-should not be worn at all times (let your head breathe)

-should not be used to teach little boys the bad habit of wearing it in public

Let’s eliminate the misuse of this valuable fashion tool.  Each one, teach one.


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