Fashion Resolutions

Though it’s not the first of the year I decided I want make a few changes in my fashion life.  I have few resolutions for the years to come:

1-To be more in tune with my sex appeal-I want to wear clothing that is flattering and sexy (when appropriate) not being afraid to put on  something sheer, lacy , or fishnet.

2-To truly dress according to my personality, size/shape, and emotion-This one come with some self- reflection. Meaning that I want to be comfortable with expressing myself through my attire.  I am embracing the notion that it’s okay to dress for me and not by the expectations of others.

3-To be more open minded as it pertains to style, fashion, colors, patterns, textures and shapes-Though I am drawn to exotic and unusual garments and style I very rarely purchase these fashions, being too afraid to wear them out in public.  And when I do actually buy them I hesitate to pull them from my closet and put them on for display. AND I will not only admire but freely buy clothing that is eye catching and bold.

4-Embrace my current figure and do my best to accentuate its best parts-Life has shown me that it’s full of change. I’ve learned that this concept truly applies to my figure.  I remember the days of bacon western cheese burgers being of no effect on my figure. Now it seems that a bite of cucumber adds 2-5lbs.  Though most people who see may simply see a small person, I know thing just aren’t the same.  I resolute to embrace my new shape and to enjoy my curves. I will wear clothes that compliment rather than hide my figure.


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