Fall Fashion


It’s the end of August and the weather has already taken turn. And I’m honestly looking forward to the many other cues that signal fall is on its way.  One of my favorite cues is the outbreak of summer end sales and the appearance of brown, burgundy, and orange hues in the stores.  This year there are a couple of trends that I absolutely love.

Metallic– I’m so excited about this trend.  I have a closet with a few of this items but I’ve been a bit hesitant to wear for fear of looking the tin man.  But now I’m ready to mix and match my metallic clothing for a trendy fall look

Plaid– A year around classic is making a strong appearance in this year’s fall trends. 

The boyfriend– It’s time to move over to your man’s side of the closet.  Masculine style suits, ties, and accents are still a favorite.  Make it girly with touch of pink, jewelry, or a bold colored clutch.

Jacket dress– This is the blazer (with a little more length) worn without the slacks.  I think this trend is sexy and sassy.  Pair with a belt and heels and you’re for an evening out.

Punk- Although this is not my normal aesthetic I’m drawn to aspects of this trend. I’m drawn to the concept of adding a little funk to a soft or delicate look.

Repeating Patterns-I usually associate fun patterns with the free spirited sunny days of summer. But I simply love the idea of wearing muted colored patterns in the autumn months as well.


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