Wear and Repeat

He walked through the door carefree.  Ponytail pulled tight against his balding head he makes a breezy entrance.  Yesterday he selected a short sleeve, blue plaid, button up, paired with faded jeans and open toe sandals. Today he searched his closet and found a short sleeve, blue plaid, button-up paired with faded jeans and open toe sandal.  His outfit looks similar, excuse me; exactly like the same outfit he wore yesterday and at least 5 days last week.  And tomorrow I’m anticipating the same.  My fashionably free co-worker loves to wear and repeat. 

I had a moment of sympathy, wondering if he didn’t have much more in his closet to select from. However after several years of working in same office, I’ve discovered that there are other available selections.  For some reason he has made a convenient decision to just wear the same clothing combination every day.  After I moved passed sympathy and concern, I began to wonder why no one else either notices or seems to care.  Granted he’s a grown man and can do as he pleases. His behavior has become a social norm. I think I’ve come to expect him to wear the blue button up and jeans. In fact I’ve found myself experiencing feelings of shock the few and far between moments when he’s actually made a clothing change.

Not concerned with the opinions or feeling of others, he does what is comfortable to him.  Head held high, with no obvious signs of insecurity or awkwardness he marches down the office aisles for all to see. Unlike so many of us appearances don’t run his life.  What he wears doesn’t define or dictate his mood, actions, or lifestyle.  Much like his clothing his persona does not change.   

If I’m completely honest I have to admit that I have touch of envy.  I’ve never felt this sort of fashion freedom.  Though I have no desire to wear and repeat clothing combinations on a daily basis, I think certain social norms have tied my feelings, self-confidence, and behaviors too tightly to what I wear. I truly believe that “blue button up” shenanigans would not be equally accepted from me by my co-workers or peers.  Appalled and confused thoughts would plague the minds of all who know me.  And those closest to me would not hesitate to reprimand such behavior. 

Though at times I sit at my desk and wish that the next day will bring something new, I’ve come to respect the freedom that he’s found to be fashionable free.  True enough this could have been manifested in a number of better ways, I can’t deny that “wear and repeat” is making a social statement that can’t be denied.  







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