Thrift Kit

I love frequenting the thrift stores.  I find so many unique items that so suite my personality and sense of style.  Every now and then on my fashion hunt, I find items that are perfect. The colors, patterns, size and price are all aligned.  It’s as though someone donated that particular item and placed on the rack especially for me.  These moments though far and few in between make me want to celebrate in the aisles.  And don’t let it be on sale.  I have to do all I can to keep from shouting out a victorious yelp in the middle of the store.  On the flip side there are times that I have found graet disappointment.  I’ve picked up the hanger, twirled the item around, checked the size, dropped it into my basket and headed straight to the fitting rooms. Only to discover that It’s a perfect fit.  I slowly turn around in the mirror  to check every angle only to find that there’s a snag, small rip, or a button missing. The fabric isnt’ as firm or lint balls are congregating in areas that were more exposed to wear.

As I’ve said before, I don’t sew.  So making certain alterations is beyond my scope of abilities.  But there are a few things that I believe every fashion thriftier should keep in stock for quickly mending thrift purchases.

1) Starch- Old school as this may be adding a little starch while pressing thrift clothing can add renewed shape. 

2) Shoe Polish- The creamy colors are great for leather shoes with minor scuffs or wear. 

3) Hem tape– Great for people like me that don’t sew.  All you have to do is lay it down and iron it on.  Quick and simple fix for a renewed ragged or hanging hem.

4) Razor- An affordable trick for getting rid of lint balls.  Use a standard razor (you can get a whole pack at the dollar store) and shave the lint balls off your clothing.

5) Lint Brush/Tape– Everyone should have one of these in their drawer or closet.  Refresh the look of your clothing by simply bushing away the lint. This gives a renewed look especially to dark colored clothing.

6) Notions– Just in case you are a sew savvy, keep at least one needle and a spool of thread on hand.  Have a couple of extra buttons on standby doesn’t hurt either. And though I don’t sew, I have taught myself to mend a button.  And when all else fails, hot glue always comes in handy.  LOL.


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