Fall Essentials


I am ready to “Fall” in love.  The leaves are changing bright color, wind is swirling in the air and it’s a wonderful time for fashion.   I open my closet door. Clipboard and pencil in hand I slide over hanger after hanger of shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts, evaluating what I already have in stock. I pop open bins of stored seasonal items and check the inventory of my closet items.  I stand in the midst of it all evaluating the items I want to keep and daydream on the current trends I hope to add to my fall collection.  There are a few items that I check on every year.  These are the staples of any fall collection and they serve as a base for any autumn style. These items are classics and tend to not lose their wardrobe value as the years go by.  Every woman should invest in the following Fall Fashion Staples:

Scarves- collect a variety of colors, textures and patterns.

Black turtle neck top- it can be layered or worn with anything, jeans, slacks, skirts, vests, etc

Leather Boots– Make sure to keep a good pair of brown and black boots.  If you can, get a pair of high heels and flat in each color.

Rain boots-these essentials have truly evolved from the classic yellow boots we had as kids. Find a pair that is fun, festive and fashionable

Hats– Perfect for bad hair days or just preventing wind and rain from creating a complete hair catastrophy.

-Leather gloves

Leg Warmers– no longer just for dancers this revived trend can be worn both on top of or underneath boots, jeans, leggings and tights.   

Wool coat- Pick your favorite current trend or go with a classic and be both warm and stylish

Sweaters– The trend of knitted warmers are constantly changing, recycling, and evolving.  However sweaters are a mainstay for any fall collection.  Invest in some classic fall colors and you’ll always be prepared.

Leather Jacket- Find a classic color and style and you can wear it year after year.


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