Caught Slipping

As much as I truly enjoyed the House Party Pajama Jammy Jam phenomenon of the late nineties, I am not a fan of the wearing pajamas out and about as regular clothing.  I find no fashion pleasure in the idea of wearing flannel draw string pants or one piece zip ups with the feet in […]

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Back Again!

I’ve always known that fashion is just revised recycled styles.  What my mother wore in the seventies I’ve worn a version of the same styles in the nineties.  And now the clothing my son wears today is a close replica of what my male counterparts wore when I was his age. I find it funny […]

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NO! I Can’t live without it.

If you ask most women they’ll tell you that they can’t live without most items in their closet and make up kits.  Everything we have we bought because we needed it. Even when items no longer fit or are extremely outdated we question our ability to throw it in the garbage or the donation bag.  […]

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Work It

So, I recently accepted a new job offer.  The job is full of promise and I’m anxious to get to work. For the last few days I’ve been looking through my closet trying to create a new professional image for myself.  But I’m feeling a little confused as about what’s appropriate and acceptable for such […]

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