NO! I Can’t live without it.

If you ask most women they’ll tell you that they can’t live without most items in their closet and make up kits.  Everything we have we bought because we needed it. Even when items no longer fit or are extremely outdated we question our ability to throw it in the garbage or the donation bag.  But there are a few items that I consistently use and absolutely CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT! What are yours? 

Lotion– My skin is so dry. Lotion is a MUST.  I try to make sure that I keep an ample supply in my bathroom cabinet, purse, car and desk.

Black Eyeliner– I use it almost daily.  Even when I don’t feel like making up the rest of my face, a quick swipe of liner across my lids opens up my eyes and adds an extra hint of pretty.

Black thong Keeps the panty lines way. This item makes any fitted skirt, pair of slacks and shorts look neat and well put together.

 Large Gold hoops-They go with anything. I can dress them up or wear it with a casual outfit.  They are always simple, sexy, and stylish.

 Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly-This can be used for so many things. I can remove eye make-up, put it on the heels of my feet, or put a dab on my chapped lips.  Everything it touches is soft and moisturized.

 Loose fit faded jeans– So comfortable and versatile. If I could wear them everyday I would. I can pair them with a tank top or with a blazer.  Every woman should have at least one pair.

 Tank tops– In the colder months I’ll wear these under my sweaters and shirts as an extra layer to keep warm. But in the spring and summer I love to wear them out with my shorts, skirts, and jeans.

 Fanny Pack When I mention this item all my friends give me a look of disgust and worry. They hope that I won’t embarrass them by wearing it on one of our outings. But I do.  The multicolored sequin waist bag is one of my closet favorites.

 Silk Scarf– Useful in so many ways but my favorite is tied around my head on a bad hair day.  A large bow headband is a wonderful way to accessorize when in a rush or when my hair is not being cooperative.

and last but not least 

Blazer-Whether black velvet or a crisp white and collarless, a blazer is a perfect throughout the year.


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