Back Again!

I’ve always known that fashion is just revised recycled styles.  What my mother wore in the seventies I’ve worn a version of the same styles in the nineties.  And now the clothing my son wears today is a close replica of what my male counterparts wore when I was his age.

I find it funny and alarming that certain fashion trends have recycled several times in my life time.  It definitely makes me feel dated.  One of my favorite fashion comebacks is the bright colored jeans.  When I was in high school it was the ever so popular Cross Colors trend.  The bright baggie style was popular and pricey.  But those who were able, sported orange, green, red and blue jeans with oversized t-shirts.

Today I shake my head as I watch teens walk around in rainbow shades.  The same hues of bright colored denim grace the streets today.  But now they don’t hang off the waist but they cling close the body.  The skinny jean trend with stolen roots from the Cross Color’s era is very popular.  And as the trend evolves the colors have evolved into glowing fluorescents. They have expanded beyond the basic jeans into denim short shorts, vests, and skirts.  The trend has grown and become a mixture of something old, new, and borrowed.

  Now I’m wondering if I’ve passed the age of reaching back and displaying the recycled trend.  How many times in a lifetime can one wear a reoccurring style?  Can I wear this trend for a second time?  Perhaps with some modifications I’ll bring it back again.


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