Bag Full of Will

Bag Full of Will

In the last two weeks I’ve been praying, hoping, and willing myself to just stay out of the thrift store. I always promise myself that I’m just gonna window shop, buy one thing, or not spend more than ten dollars. However my strength waivers every time the automatic doors open to welcome me in.

In my own defense I have found several wonderful buys. I got a Deux Lux purse, a black leather Luck Brand bag, a snake skin Bags by Supreme clutch, Goorin clutch wallet, a Melie Bianco and a big blue Ecko Red purse to brighten my day. And all for $30! These deals alone make me want to keep going back over and over again. It’s become a very bad habit. I may actually need professional help.

BUT I today I promise to stay out (or try)of all thrift stores and to avoid all sales UNTIL Black Friday.

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At the register

At the register

I haven’t been able to keep myself out of the thrift store lately, Every time I go in with the mind set of finding a deals on home decorating items. BUT I never seem to make it to the register without getting a little something for myself. I found this $82 bag for only $6.50. NOW THAT’S LIVING A TRENDY THRIFT LIFE!

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