Blood on the Thrift Store Floor

 I waited all week long just for this day.  The 30% off store wide holiday sale had finally arrived.  I swerved into a distant parking space and power walked into the store.  Ready for battle, I rolled my basket into position I was ready to get to work.  I carefully walked up and down each aisle shuffling through the racks of clothing looking items fill my basket.   After making my way through jeans, dresses, jackets, skirts, and shoes I made my way over to the sleeveless top rack.  Out of season, most of the sleeveless tops were already priced really low. But with the additional 30% my basket was overflowing with fashion finds.   Basket at my side it flipped through hanger after hanger looking for the right shirt, at the right price, and the right size.  Not paying attention, I looked up only to watch a fellow customer walk away pulling my cart slowly behind her. “Hey!” I snatched a hold of the handle gave the cart a harsh tug. “This is my basket.” I stared her dead in her eye, daring her to take one more step in the opposite direction. She looked up at me and apologized.  Without a fuss or battle she kindly let go and searched for her missing abandoned basket. 

A part of me felt a little bad for my reaction knowing that my response was a little harsh.  To be completely honest I probably overacted.  But I probably would have been ready to fight her if she insisted on rolling my basket away.   For those who invest a great deal of time into thrifting, searching through racks and racks of un-similar items, and trying on a stack of clothing with missing size tags just to assure they  fit before purchasing the un-returnable item understand where I’m coming from.  And when you find that one of a kind designer item at a terrific price someone looking through your basket makes you want to at least trip them on GP.  No one wants to go through all of that careful selection only to be robbed by someone that didn’t put in the time.  That’s definitely a thrift store shopper violation.

Thankfully everyone left the store unharmed.  No one went to jail and no blood was left on the thrift store floor.  And I learned a valuable lesson about being more vigilant about my basket watching on sale days


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