Fashion Bullies

Back in the day there was a scary trend of young men getting beat up and sometimes even losing their lives due other’s fashion envy. The popular introduction of Jordan tennis shoes, Starter jackets, and few other nineties favorites brought the bully out of a lot of envious people. Though the nine o’clock new is […]

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Any One Will Do

Now I know many guys struggle with gift ideas when it comes to their mom, sisters, wife and daughters. Though each woman has her own sense of style, there are some fashion basics that each woman can use in her collection and will appreciate if you’re the one to add it. That being said, if […]

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Summer Must Haves

The summer months are right around the corner. It’s time to start stocking up the summer fashion basics. Make sure to start filling your closet with the following: 1) Tank tops– Make sure you keep a stack of basic colors that can be switched out and used with multiple outfits. (black, white, navy) but having […]

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