Summer Must Haves

The summer months are right around the corner. It’s time to start stocking up the summer fashion basics. Make sure to start filling your closet with the following:

1) Tank tops– Make sure you keep a stack of basic colors that can be switched out and used with multiple outfits. (black, white, navy) but having a selection of bright colors always adds a punch of fun to a plain idea.

2) Loose fitting jeans– Something you can be comfortable and move freely in. Pick you choice of wash and you can wear this summer trend just about anywhere.

3) Maxi Skirt or Dress- You can add accessories and where this on an evening our or put some flip flops under it and where them to the beach. It’s an all -purpose where anywhere summer essential.

4) Bangles and Hoops– Layers of bangles in a variety of metals, colors, textures and shapes are a great addition to any summer basic. If you add a great pair of large hoops you can create a new look.

5) Hats- Keep the sun of your head and create your own personal shade. Invest in a great floppy sun hat or add a straw fedora to your closet.

6) Wedges- Heels are great in the fall and winter months but great pair of wedges are a must have in the summer months.

7) Shades- Keep the sun out of your eyes. Just pick your favorite color, shape, or lens tint to add a bit of cool to your summer look.

8) Bathing suit- Even if you’re still working off your love handles, every girl needs something to wear in the water. No matter what your shape or size that’s a suit out there for you.

9) Sheer- Tops, skirts, dresses and even pants can have an element of sheer. Depending on the garment sheer is a great way to add a sense of elegance to outfit whether you’re at work or at play

10) Shorts- What would summer be without a great pair of shorts? I know every one doesn’t like the idea of displaying their legs in this way. But much like the bathing suit, there is a pair of shorts for every figure/body type.



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