Any One Will Do

Now I know many guys struggle with gift ideas when it comes to their mom, sisters, wife and daughters. Though each woman has her own sense of style, there are some fashion basics that each woman can use in her collection and will appreciate if you’re the one to add it. That being said, if any of these women have asked for something in particular make sure you focus on their request. But as a back -up, when you mind has gone blank and you’re stuck on what to buy these suggestions may help you out:

1) Hoop earrings– Every woman can use a great pair of hoops. She may have a preference of size or metal but quality pair of hoops is essential to any closet collection.

2) Cute Make-up Bag-We need a place to carry our everyday essentials. Whey not have a handy but stylish place to put our gloss, mascara, face powder and hair brush? A cute make-up bag is always in order.

3) Nail color set- Great for the DIY ladies that like to change things up. Nail fashion changes just as often as clothing. Get a set that has all the tools for latest nail trends and that DIY fashionista will love, love, love it.

4) Diamonds- They really are a girl’s best friend. If you can afford it, invest in a great piece of diamond jewelry. Depending on the lady you can buy a simple set of studs or splurge on tennis bracelet.

5) Clutch (AKA small evening bag) – Planning on taking your favorite lady out on the town? Then a stylish clutch may be a great gift option. It’s a compact way to carry the essentials without lugging our whole life around for the evening.

And as a basic tip, buying other items such as scarves and purses in basic colors are a great idea for ladies not matter what the age, size, or significance in your life. (Black, white, brown, tan.)


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