Fashion Bullies

Back in the day there was a scary trend of young men getting beat up and sometimes even losing their lives due other’s fashion envy. The popular introduction of Jordan tennis shoes, Starter jackets, and few other nineties favorites brought the bully out of a lot of envious people.

Though the nine o’clock new is not reporting a host of stories on these sorts of tragedies, there are still many fashion bullies out there. Fashion bullies are not just those who steal and harm others for the luxury of wearing second hand trends. This term also refers to those who display small gestures of aggressiveness to bully others out fashion attractions. On multiple occasions I have invited a particular girlfriend to fashion events. And on each occasion she has taken it upon herself to ignore the no bullying rules to scare some other woman out of their fashion find.

Several months ago I hosted a Diva Auction at my home. In order to participate, each lady was required to bring fashion items to add to the auction inventory. My friend walking in with empty hands picked up a plate full of food and sat on the couch ready to participate. She was clearly already in violation by not bringing a single item. But since she took time out of her day to stop by and she’s a close friend I still allowed her to participate. As the evening went on she became progressively more aggressive in her bidding. Treats targeted other participants and caused many to back out of bidding on the items she wanted. I tried to chalk this incident up to just fun trash talk but when she repeated this behavior at another fashion event I realized she’s a fashion bully.

I’ve also experienced another form of fashion bullying or what I like to refer to as garment stalking. You know when your thrifting and you stumble upon this really cute shirt, slack, dress or jumper. You’re observing it looking the size, and snags, missing buttons or making sure the zipper is in working order. And another customer walks over, stands real close and watches you as your handling the garment. In actuality they are waiting for you to put it down so they can snatch it up. But don’t take too long to complete your expectation because they will begin to ask questions. They always start off friendly with, “that’s cute, what size is it?”
Next thing you know they’re asking, “So, are you going to get that or what?”

Now there is a billion other items in the store, several other aisles to search in but they are fixated with that one item you’re still deciding on. Although I this may seem a bit less aggressive than my friend’s approach I still consider it fashion bullying. Whenever one strives to take away another fashion find in aggressive or treating way, it’s bullying.

There are so many trends, colors, sizes, and styles out in the world. If another lady gets to a particular item first, congratulate her and find some other item that you can call your own. Let’s all work together to stop fashion bullying today.


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