Get your walk right!

Walking the catwalk is not as easy as it may seem. With a large crowd looking on you may forget exactly what you should do. Here some things to practice, work on, and remember for your runway walk.

Make sure you:
-Can walk in your heels- With no wabbles! Have a strong runway walk that exudes strength and confidence.

-Keep your head up. Though you must be aware of your direction and the edge of the runway, looking down is not an option. Make sure to observe your runway areas prior to the show time. And Always look ahead of yourself, see where you’re going before you get there so that you can gauge distances.

-Be mindful of your facial expressions. Have a strong expression that suits your outfit. Looking too angry or nervous distracts from the clothing and does not make for a pretty picture.

-Get your photo ops in! Every motion is a picture. And when it’s time to pose take the TIME TO POSE! Do not rush your posing. BUT also me mindful not to be a camera hog. Other models are also anxiously waiting their turn.

-Posing should be outfit appropriate. Display the entire outfit. If the jacket come offs, remove it. If the back has special detailing, turn around and show it off. Remember you’re on the runway not on the streets.

-Be prepared for anything. Slips, trips, and wardrobe malfunctions happen. But none of this should stop the show. Quickly pull yourself back together and continue that show as planned.

-Stay focused and Have fun.


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