My Fashion Future

Recently turning another year older and taking a closer step to 40. But as I age and I develop a new appreciation for my womanly curves I wonder what my next fashion step should be. Though I still hold close to my youthful features I know that I cannot hold on to every youthful trend or style. What do I get to keep? What must I toss to the side and leave behind? Here are a few items I decided to toss and timeless classics I decided to keep around.

Denim Mini Skirts- Toss
I still have a few short skirts in my arsenal but they are in a variety of textures, patterns and styles. Adding a pair of solid colored tights and a conservative top can distract from the extreme youthfulness of a short skirt.

Jean Jacket- Keep
This a classic keeper. The right jean jacket can add character to a formal dress, a pair of slacks, and even a pair of jeans.

Graphic T-shirts-Toss
These are now only good for a couple of occasions, to workout, to support my favorite sporting teams, to clean house, bedtime and to move. Other than that I’m tossing these out of my wardrobe.

Perfect shoe for the middle aged woman. They’re comfortable, stylish, and lengthen my legs.

Decorative headbands-Toss
A little sparkle here or beading there is fine BUT large bows and extreme bedazzlement is over kill for someone my age. With this accessory I try to follow the K.I.S.S. rule (Keep It Simple Sista)

Patterned Leggins- Toss

If it’s a subtle pattern, I might be able to get away with it. But large, bright, and busy leggings are no longer apart of my life nor will I stand in the store considering purchasing a pair of theses.

Other Keepers: Printed scarves, Leg warmers, Chuck Taylors, Solid Colored Leggings, Bright colored lipstick, Spanx


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