Just Say NO!

Thrifting is a great way to find deals on fashion. But there are moments when the deals isn’t as great as it seems. There are times when a thriftanista should say no to fashion items in thrift and second hand stores. Experienced thrifters know when to say NO.

1) When you can buy the thrift item brand new for the same price or less at a retail store.

2) When the item is damaged beyond repair. OR the cost of repair is equal to the price of buying it new.

3) To many signs of  wear.  Fading, pulling seams, lint balls galore all are good reasons to pass on a thrift item.

4) Signs of bodily fluids, sweat, blood, urine, etc. are all acceptable reasons for leaving an item on a rack.

5) When and item is much too small. Why waste money on something you can ‘t wear nor or may never be able to fit. (unless buying for someone else)

Remember most thrift stores do not offer refunds or exchanges so choose wisely.


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