Thrifting is one of my favorite pass times.  And there are a host of thrift/second hand stores to shop and find trendy thrift fashion items.. In my city there is such a unique blend of both high end (expensive) and the more affordable thrift resources.  ( I tend to shop that latter) Every now and then I get a little adventurous but I tend not to stray too far from my frequently visited locations.  If you are ever in Cali’s capital here’s a few of my affordable favorites.

Thrift Town- Though they have recently raise their prices, this location is still very affordable. They care a vast variety of fashion items in a number of sizes. One thing I tend to really like to thrift town is that they are typically clean and organized.  Clothing categories are easy to find and sort through.

Several locations around the city.

Deseret- I don’t visit this store often but when I’m in the area this thrift spot is a great place to find purses.  Typically hand bags can be found in two areas.  I always start in the rummage area located in the back outside area. Many times I can find cute  purses mixed in with luggage and back packs.  But there is also a designated area for purses and wallets. This area tend to be a great place for unique stylish items.

3000 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821

SPCA-I really like this store. It’s not very big but they always have a deal going on and pretty good merchandise.  I always find something I like at this store. In the past that has include leather Coach loafers, purple suede stilettos, and 2 pairs of patent leather heels for less than $2.00 (for both!)

1017 N B St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Thrift Management- Relatively new to town (last couple of years) it’s a good place to find affordable items. But you will have to search.  This store truly embodies the look and feel of an old school thrift shop. You will have to have time and patience on your side to find what  you’re looking for in this store.

Goodwill-This store can be a little pricey at times and the daily deals aren’t always available (depending on which location you go to).  But it’s always clean and orderly.  Which makes shopping much easier.  I typically find great deals on shoes at these locations.  Just like a typical retails store they tend to carry a pretty diverse selection of heels, boots, sandals, flats, etc.  I also like to look through the glasses section. I have found several fashion and designer sunglasses for only a couple dollars.

Several locations around the city.

 Your Neighbor Thrift Store-I wouldn’t say that this is the greatest store in town. However they frequently have sales and certain items are always very low.  I mainly like to stock up on slacks from this location. On a non-sale day slacks are only $1.00!  And if there’s a sale, I’m definitely loading up on the work pants.  This store also carries new items for decent prices.  Every now and then they’ll carry sales on these items as well.  If  you happen to come in on one those sale days you’re sure to find a host of affordable fashion items to take home.

6700 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819


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