Fitting Room Uniform


When thrifting it is a great idea to try on anything that you are considering buying. Mainly because most thrift stores do not accept exchanges or returns. You want to be sure that clothing and accessories fit properly and suit your sense of style prior to buying. When I know I’ll be trying on clothing I try to be prepared so can get a good sense of how certain items may look on my frame.  I try to assure that I’m uniformed for fitting. Consider wearing or bringing these items the next time you’re trendy thrift fashion shopping:

Seamless Underwear- Just in case you decide to try on something close flitting or  with a low cut in the back or sides.  You can get a good sense of how the clothing will look when you’re ready to pull it out of your closet for a special occasion without the terrible look of panty lines.

Nude Adjustable Bra- If you happen to come across a pretty strapless or spaghetti strap item then a nude adjustable bra will give you realistic look and fit. Also be sure that the bra your wearing provides good support and will give you your best look in any top or dress.

Body Shaper- This is especially important if you wear these daily or if your buying a dress for a special occasion and intend to smooth out the look with a body shaper. This will also help you determine the appropriate sizing for the top or dress you’re buying.

Leggings-This are definitely for the lazy shopper. They fit close to the body and make for easy try on of dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants (depending on the style) without getting completely undressed.

Dress Socks or Stockings-To prevent any nasty foot fungus its a good idea to have a pair on hand for trying on shoes and boots.

Black Tank- Great for trying on sheer tops and dresses. A black tank is neutral and will give you a good idea of how to wear your sheer item moving forward.


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