Away With Bad Hair Days

It happens to us all.  Bad hair days can happen at any moment on any given day. But bad hair doesn’t have to mean bad style. Where there’s a will there’s a way to create a stylish look even when your hair isn’t cooperating. Head Band Wrap- Most of the time if you can get […]

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What I Hate About Shopping

As a trendy thriftanista I enjoy shopping and looking for great deals. However, there are several things about shopping that I truly hate.  Shopping isn’t always a pleasant experience and sometimes it’s just not worth the deal. 1)      Rude Clerks– I will immediately leave a shop if  the clerks/retail staff is rude or disrespectful.  I […]

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My Trendy Thrift Look

Floral fashion is budding so I thought I’d give it a try as well.  Here’s the breakdown to this garden style.  Pink cardigan -$2.00 (Thrift Town), Pink stud earrings- $1.00 (Galt Auction), Green strapless floral dress-$5.50 (Ross)

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Yard Sale Thrifting

  Thrift stores aren’t the only place one can find great trendy thrift items. Now that the weather is changing to a warmer climate, yard sales will be popping up everywhere. It is a perfect time to start shopping your neighborhood for some great deals. But before you hit the streets here’s a few things […]

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