Yard Sale Thrifting



Thrift stores aren’t the only place one can find great trendy thrift items. Now that the weather is changing to a warmer climate, yard sales will be popping up everywhere. It is a perfect time to start shopping your neighborhood for some great deals. But before you hit the streets here’s a few things to consider:

Go Early– Be first in line to select the items you want.

But if you get there late– the selection will not be as good but you will have more room to negotiate the price. Sometimes you can even get items for free. Owners are typically trying to rid themselves of as much stuff as possible. They don’t want to put it away or have to haul it off somewhere.

Wheel & Deal– Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price of the items you want.  As I said, owners are trying to get rid items so sometimes they’re willing to reduce the price just to alleviate their clutter.

Come Dressed– Wear clothing that will allow you to move around, dig through boxes, get on your knees or even move items to your car.  Tennis shoes,  yoga pants and a cool t-shirt is a great uniform for a day of yard sale shopping.

Cash in Hand-Make sure to bring cash, especially small bills.  Most yard sellers don’t have the ability to charge a credit card for you. So be prepared with plenty of cash. Change can also be hard to come by for many sellers. Once they’ve made a few sales, change can dwindle down and become less accessible.  To make it easier on you and the seller bring small bills that don’t require a much change.

Don’t be Afraid to Dig-Yard sales are not like a store where everything is neatly placed on racks and shelves. Sometimes the best deal is at the bottom of a cardboard box.  To make it worth your while you may have to search through stacks to find that one great deal.  Don’t be afraid to go for it. 

Be Friendly– Chat it up with the owner, smile, and be friendly.  Just being a kind face can land you a great deal.

Always Drive– Even if the sale is right in your neighborhood it’s still a good idea to drive.  From personal experience I know what it’s like to find and extraordinarily great deal and not being able to carry it away. Be prepare you cash and carry out.


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