What I Hate About Shopping


As a trendy thriftanista I enjoy shopping and looking for great deals. However, there are several things about shopping that I truly hate.  Shopping isn’t always a pleasant experience and sometimes it’s just not worth the deal.

1)      Rude Clerks– I will immediately leave a shop if  the clerks/retail staff is rude or disrespectful.  I refuse to spend my money in a place that doesn’t treat their customers well.

 2)      Suspicious Workers– This goes hand in hand with my first concern. I love to be greeted and acknowledged by store staff but I don’t want to be followed and watched as I shop. This is another reason I will immediately leave a store.

 3)      Stores Without Baskets– Most department stores don’t have these but it can make it really hard to shop and buy a lot of items if I have to carry my armful throughout the entire store.  This is just too much work and not enough shopping play.

 4)      Trying Clothes On- This is a very important thrift shopping tip however, I hate getting dress and re-dressed over and over again.  Unless it’s a really special item I absolutely need to know fits, I don’t enjoy this part of the shopping experience.  To add on to this I also don’t like dressing room restrictions. (5 item limit) this makes the getting dressed & re-dressed experience even more excruciating.

 5)     Not Finding What You Need– It is really disappointing when you’ve planned a shopping day and you walk away empty handed.  I suppose in some cased this great way to save money. But it’s definitely not as fun.


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