Away With Bad Hair Days

It happens to us all.  Bad hair days can happen at any moment on any given day. But bad hair doesn’t have to mean bad style. Where there’s a will there’s a way to create a stylish look even when your hair isn’t cooperating.

Head Band Wrap- Most of the time if you can get the front of your hair to look decent everything else will fall into place.  A fancy head wrap band can create a bit of style while hiding your difficult hair situation.


Head Wrap- Sometimes you may have to take it one step further and cover the entire head.  Similar to the Head band you can use colorful, patterned, and even textured fabric to create a stylish head cover up.


Hats/Caps- This is a simple and easy go to for a casual and sometime fancy fashion look.  It’s always a good idea to have a stack of these on hand for quick solution to a bad hair moment.

Wigs- I’m not really a big wig person. But sometimes this is the best way to go. The key is to find a one that is decent quality. Make sure to care for it and store it properly. Also make sure that it suits your face. I recommend finding one that also looks realistic.  I can be a perfect solution to a bad hair day especially when the first 3 solutions would be inappropriate.


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