Summer Camping

I’ve made it no secret that I hate camping. But it is a family tradition my husband tries to keep alive.  So, like a good wife, I try to compromise and participate whenever he gets it in his mind to go.  Being the girly girl I am, camping poses a problem for my beauty, fashion, […]

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Quick Thrift Tip

Looking to get the best bang for your buck while out shopping?  Make your way to the back of the store to start with the on sale fashion. (this is where many stores keep the best deals) Stock up on items that are low in price before exploring the rest of the store. You’ll be […]

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Living On the Edge

Though a minimalist lifestyle has never been my cup of tea. There is something that I like about clean simple lines, colors, textures, and shapes.  I tend to be drawn to bright colors, unique shapes, and fashion that is a bit edgy.  But overtime I’ve learned that it doesn’t take much effort to have the […]

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