Living On the Edge

Though a minimalist lifestyle has never been my cup of tea. There is something that I like about clean simple lines, colors, textures, and shapes.  I tend to be drawn to bright colors, unique shapes, and fashion that is a bit edgy.  But overtime I’ve learned that it doesn’t take much effort to have the best of both worlds.  To add a bit of edginess to simple style there are a few things you can do.



Leather-  Adding bit of leather or leather like accents changes the feel of any outfit.  This can either be in your actual outfit or as an accessory.  Items such as shoes and purses are also a great way to add colored leather items.



Wood- Depending on the accessory this can give a real unexpected touch of style.  Items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes and purses are a great way to incorporate this into your style.

 Metal- Strategically add this anywhere. This is one of my favs because you can find it almost anywhere. Most fashion retail and thrift stores have a variety of items you can purchase in metal. Some of my favorite ways to add metal are belts, cuffs, earrings, and simple buckle accents on clothing. studs and spikes are great too.


Lip Color-Make it bold, bright, and/or out of the norm. Make your face the focal point of your style.  Gloss or matte your lips with a bold lip color.



Frames- Real or Faux this is a great way to change your look. Stores offer such a vast variety of shapes, colors, and patterns to frame your face and change your look.

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